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My name is David.

Part agency and part portfolio. All personal.

Zion Eye Media is my freelance name that I started in 2004 as a way to showcase my personal work and help businesses, creative individuals and non-profits succeed in the digital world. This site hosts a small collection of my personal work as well as work I performed in full-time, consultant and freelance environments.

My professional philosophy is to help companies gain and retain more quality customers through research, strategy planning and utilization of integrated marketing to cater to the customers’ unique needs.

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Email Marketing

Web Design and Development


search engine marketing
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integrated marketing
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social media


hip hop / breakdancing
drawing / illustrations
web development
web design

Building Holistic End-to-End Strategies

With your Customers in Mind!

I employ a holistic method of creating and executing marketing strategies that are tailored to your unique niche. My holistic approach utilizes your customer needs as the target goal(s) for all marketing campaigns, then utilize an integrated and end-to-end approach to achieving that target goal. I cover all the bases of where your customers are, where you need to be to reach them, and how to engage with them organically and successfully.

With a holistic process in place, I integrate mediums and methods together that are designed with your customers in mind. I look at the most effective solutions for your business – in the creative and technical space – to get the most out of your budget and get your customer’s attention. I do it without excessive and unnecessary methods that can depreciate the value of your brand. I do not prefer one method/tool for another, which helps me choose the best technological and creative methods for your unique business needs. This allows me to help your company reach your customers where they are at any point at any time, gain their trust, be relevant to their needs, and ultimately become your brand ambassadors.

From Pre-Purchase to Post-Purchase

Guiding your customers through and beyond the conversion funnel

Strategies and tactics only go so far, especially without taking into consideration what your customers need and want after they complete the sale. To make your strategies and tactics work for your business, you’ll need to include pre-purchase and post-purchase plans to repeatedly keep your customers happy and engaged with you in the sales process.

I can help you devise an integrated approach where your plan incorporates pre-purchase and post-purchase strategies.


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