Exciting project you want launched?
Just want to say “Wazzahp?”

Whether you just want to chat or are looking for your next project to be completed, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always up for networking or even just a cup of java with you!

Are you local in the greater Nashville area? Would love to hang out with you at Starbucks or any of the local Nashville coffee shops to talk about your latest and greatest project. Live in Seattle? Awesome! I love helping my peeps out from the West Coast. Are you in NYC or anywhere in the East Coast? No problem! I am more than happy to virtually meet you and talk about your goals and business needs.

Anywhere else in the country? That’s great too! One of the best things about technology is that I can meet you online! I’m available on Skype (bboytazz98052) if you want to say a quick hello.

Thank you, and have a blessed day!

Email: info [at] zioneyemedia [dot] com
Twitter: zioneyemedia
Skype: bboytazz98052
Phone: 1-615-852-8995

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