Display and Banner Advertisements

Show your best foot forward to your potential customers

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Flash Designs and Display / Banner Advertisements

Display and banner advertisements is an effective tool in getting better brand visibility as well as extending your reach to your customers. Improved techniques and better technology provide ways for your brand to target and retarget specific customers with your ads. In your conversion and sales funnel, your pre- and post-purchase pipelines can be enhanced with targeted ads designed to keep the customer communication and engagement open with your business. There are more flexibility to choose ad parameters on who, where and how you deliver these ads to your customers. Ad platform and creative management tools exist to help you define your process and your delivery to ensure a better user experience to your customers.

Creatively, static and animated/interactive advertisements play an important role in getting your customers to engage and interact with you. Well-designed ads that are effectively branded with the right amount of text creates more appeal and less strain to the user. Non-obtrusive ads, responsive design, relevant content, empowering calls-to-action and targeted and consistent delivery are just some of the ways that your ads need for an effective campaign.

With newer and stricter guidelines on online advertisements, advertising channels and advertising technology, it’s more imperative to to have a strategic and tactical approach to your display and banner ads. As one with a strategy-first and tactic-second mindset, I can help you achieve both a creative and marketable ad that fits your business needs and your budget while achieving maximum results.

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Banner Advertisements

Rotating image sliders and well-placed banner advertisements are excellent ways to be visible in front of your customers.


I can manage or maintain your display ad analytics, whether you use Google Analytics, other third-party analytic tools or your favorite metric tools.

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Interactive Ads

HTML5 or Flash? Why not both? Testing interactive designs can help you reach more customers in various networks.

Display Ads

Increase your business and company visibility with well-crafted and well-placed display ads in various networks.

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Static Ads

When interactive ads are not ideal, static ads using Photoshop or Illustrator are an easy way to be visible to your market

Creative Direction

Whether it's images or content, creativity helps accentuate your message and gets your customers to convert.

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