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I provide various types of services in design and marketing, ranging from web and graphic design to social media and internet marketing strategy services. I strive to ensure that what you get from me fits your business, your company personality and your marketing needs. Should you require any service that you do not see on my site, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am most likely be able to help you!

Your company can benefit from someone who will strive to understand your business and your target market, and will create a strategic integrated marketing plan to create more business, more revenue, and more brand ambassadors for you. From social mediabuzz marketing and email marketing to SEOpaid search and advertisements, I am knowledgeable and versed in using these and other marketing tactics to deploy a sound marketing structure that can benefit your short-term, mid-term and long-term goals.

Your marketing goals and business needs won’t be much without a strong online presence. Your website should be the primary focus of your marketing campaigns, and your other marketing initiatives (social media, blogs, SEO, PR, etc.) should feed into what your website is doing. In fact, the best type of holistic, integrated marketing is when your website performs effectively as a standalone as well as when paired with other marketing channels. Your users should have a great experience when they visit your site, find exactly what they’re looking for, find more about you and what you offer than what they previously knew, and be able to share that newfound knowledge with others.

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